Camella Gingoog - AMENITIES

Camella Gingoog is a beautiful residential community that offers plenty of amenities and features to its residents. These various provisions allow the residents to lead a life of peace and comfort while they can enjoy luxurious offerings sitting under their roof. 

The community is a well secured and safe one for residents to dwell in an environment where all the various happenings are monitored by professional security guards. The entrance and exit gate of Camella Gingoog is guarded by professional security guards who 24x7 monitor the happenings of the community. The surrounding of Camella Gingoog is concretely fenced on the perimeter which further enhances the security of the establishment.

The community accommodates a large-sized basketball court where the kids, teens, and youth can spend long hours playing their favorite sport. This provision allows the residents to keep busy in a game that would keep them active and energetic all throughout. This is also a fun way of keeping fit. 

Fitness is an essential part of one's life today. People look for options to keep fit and healthy by indulging in various day-to-day activities. Jogging is one such activity. Camella Gingoog accommodates a jogger's path where the residents of the community can have relaxed and elongated jogging sessions. This helps the residents to keep fit and healthy while still being well within their residing community. This leads to saving a lot of time, especially during the morning hours. 

Being close to lofty mountains, Camella Gingoog offers a number of hiking trails for the residents. This adds on to the adventure of otherwise a monotonous boring lifestyle. Therefore, if leading an adventurous life is what you've always craved for but your busy schedule never gave you an opportunity for the same then opt to live at Camella Gingoog and enjoy hiking just at your doorsteps.

A large playing ground is another offering of Camella Gingoog where the kids of the community can play with their siblings and friends. This keeps them fit, active and healthy in a time when a majority of kids are seen busy with their technical gadgets including laptops, tablets, and cellular phones.

  • Basketball Court
  • Jogger's Path
  • Hiking Trails
  • Playground
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